How Caregiver Distress Levels Affect Eating Disorders

Recently, therapists and health care professionals have begun to examine the complex web of factors that influence eating disorders. These go far beyond the genetics and personality of the patient and include the influence of the interpersonal environment where the person lives. Researchers are just beginning to look at eating disorder treatment and prevention through [...]

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Plus Size Disney: Are Plus Size Characters Important to Body Image?

plus size

I would definitely say my childhood was impacted by Disney movies. (duh!) I got lost in the talking animals, songs and overall magic – let’s call it the Disney effect. The only time I remember being upset about something Disney is when I cried because the movie was over, and my little heart couldn’t grasp [...]

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Diet Apps: A New Obsession?

Some people may think that new diet apps could benefit those who have eating disorders. These apps allow patients to do things like track food intake and get suggestions for coping techniques. Some of these apps even allow patients to send the data to their therapists in order to enhance eating disorder treatment. The question [...]

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Eating Disorders and Body Image | Itsy Bitsy Bikini Bridge


Bridge (N)-a man made structure to connect one side to another. Bridge (N)- a device made to fill in the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Bridge (N)- a card game. Bridge (V)- a gymnastic movement. Bikini Bridge (N)- where hip bones protrude and suspend the bikini bottom across the lower abdomen. This [...]

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New Gene Discovery Could Hold Promise for Early Detection of Mental Illness

Genes and Mental Health

Mental illnesses, including eating disorders, often don’t surface until the teenage years and show no warning signs that they are going to develop. Parents are typically caught off guard when their once healthy and happy child starts showing signs of a mental illness. Medical professionals have historically had no way to detect who will develop [...]

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Eating Disorders and Body Image: What I Be


I was introduced to the “What I Be” project. (A project revealing people’s darkest insecurities in photos) The photographs literally speak for themselves. The participants were asked to write on their face, chest, or arms. “I am not my______” fill in the blank. This started back in 2010 and now is being compiled into a [...]

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Taking Care of YOU when LIFE gets in the Way

Living a life in recovery is hard.  I’ll be the first to tell you that.  Once you’re done with formal treatment, you’re pretty much left to your own devices to stay abstinent from any and all behaviors.  Sure, you can go to meetings, check in with your therapist every week or so, and call your [...]

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Eating Disorder Recover: To The Grave


Life is so precious, there is no good time to say goodbye, or prepare yourself for what is about to happen, especially when that opportunity is taken away so abruptly. I am not only saying good bye to a dear friend who was such a fundamental piece of my journey, I am also saying good [...]

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Recovering From an Eating Disorder | Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda


“ As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.”-Sex and the City. Sometimes when recovering from an eating disorder, to keep going is the [...]

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White Girl Problems


Dear Truthmosis, Hello and let me say what a pleasure it was to read your “scholarly” article. What a way with words you have. The picture you painted couldn’t be closer to the truth, however I have some questions. In your first reason for dating someone with an eating disorder, I am glad you broke [...]

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