Virtual Reality to Help Eating Disorder Therapy


A new treatment option for eating disorders and other body image related problems involves the use of virtual reality. Individuals are able to face food and body image related fears in a safe environment and with lower activation of the stress hormones that would be released in a real life situation.

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Opening Up about Orthorexia: Popular Vegan Blogger Fights for Recovery


Recently the 23-year-old blog author of “The Blonde Vegan” shared with her readers that she is struggling with orthorexia, a less widely understood eating disorder. Although initially motivated to become healthier, her desire to be healthy became an unhealthy obsession.

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A Look at Emotional Eating: Stress May Trigger Sweet Taste Buds


It’s not uncommon for people to overeat and overindulge in sweets when experiencing high levels of stress. Researchers decided to explore the biological cause of this “stress eating” or “emotional eating” phenomenon. Here’s what they found.

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Out-of-Control Bikini Body Plans


A bikini body is simply a body that is wearing a bikini. However, most catalogs and magazines only show very tall and very thin women in bikinis who are often photo-shopped to look even thinner. Advertisers understand the expectation that they have set for women’s bodies, and they use that ideal to sell products that promise to help “get yourself bikini ready.”

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The Thin Line Between Cleanses and Eating Disorders


There is no medical evidence to suggest that that a cleanse helps one to lose fat or that it does what it claims to do – to detoxify the body. Cleanses mimic many of the unhealthy and socially unacceptable practices seen in eating disorders, but they have become socially acceptable due to it being cleverly marketed as a health benefit.

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The Break Room Jungle


The work break room can be a painful place to be if you’re struggling with or overcoming an eating disorder. Every time I walk in to my break room, I feel like I’m entering a dangerous jungle. Unknown “predators” await me in the jungle…

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Under Pressure: Men Are Not Immune To Eating Disorders

Man holding stomach

One in every 10 people with a diagnosed eating disorder is male. Men are pressured to have a tall, strong and athletic physique; and if a man does not fall naturally within this category, he may start trying to find a way to force his body into this category. This often results in men beginning a diet or exercise regime to achieve their body image and weight loss goals.

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Stanford Study Looks At Mothers Who Can Pass Along Eating Disorders


Children of mothers with histories of eating disorders are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder themselves at some point during their lives. In a new study, Stanford researchers will teach mothers and fathers how to adjust the information that they are currently teaching their children about food.

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Anorexia “Murders” UK Actor’s Wife

Last year the actress Briony McRoberts died after jumping in front of a train near her home that she shared with her husband, Downtown Abby actor, David Robb. Robb believes that his wife’s battle with anorexia nervosa was the driving force behind her death.

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Mobile Phone App Created To Help Teens Overcome Body Image Issues

Girl on phone

Pixelberry, the creators of the cell phone app called High School Story, started a crusade to help teens with current problems. Recently, they partnered with the National Eating Disorder Association to address one of the most requested topics for the app: eating disorders and body image.

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