Bitter Sweet Recovery

Friends Hugging in Recovery

As we recover from an eating disorder, we gradually build resistance to the malicious voice inside our heads arguing that we must restrict or purge. We feel liberated and free of our secret internal world without our eating disorder “monster.” At the same time, we feel lost. But, in reality, we’re not lost. We are growing stronger, and we must keep up the fight together.

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Patient Initiated vs. Staff Initiated Discharge from Treatment


In a research study, researchers looked at people who did not complete treatment and compared them based on whether the patient or a staff member initiated the early termination of treatment. Results indicated significant differences between the group on personal characteristics, behaviors during treatment, and level of health at discharge.

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Transsexuality and Eating Disorders

For transsexual eating-disordered patients, addressing the gender dysmorphia in conjunction with the eating disorder treatment may prove to be more effective than eating disorder treatment alone.

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Get the Facts on Top Health Trends with Our New Infographic


Magazine covers and television commercials abound feature celebrities with the promised secret to make your body resemble theirs. The reality is, putting together a healthy diet and exercise plan that works for your body and your lifestyle is a very individualized process that can’t be accomplished by a top ten article in your favorite magazine. Rader Programs presents you with the facts with our new infographic, Top Health Myths: Fact or Fad.

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The Risks of Diet Pill Abuse


Diet pill abuse is commonly seen in teenage girls and young women, and their use is on the rise. One study found that one in every five young adult women is using some form of diet pill. We take a look at the safety and side effects of diet pills.

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“Food Concocting” and Binge Eating Disorder


Food concocting is an addictive behavior that often correlates with binge eating disorder – itself a potentially deadly eating disorder (ED). Interestingly, nearly one in four patients who suffer from a binge eating disorder also concoct their food combinations. Most concoctors state that they feel depressed and shameful after engaging in this practice.

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3 Types of Happy and What They Mean for Eating Disorder Treatment


About 40% of our happiness is determined by us and us alone, according to one psychologist; and generally speaking, there are three types of happiness factors. Using this information in eating disorder treatments to deliver more effective outcomes is the goal. So how can a sense of self-control over one’s happiness level help to combat commonly-encountered eating disorder issues?

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Monster: The Eating Disorder Within

I usually meet people in the real pits of their disease, so when I start learning who they actually are it’s incredible to see the transformation. I had a mother say something that has never really left me. “I know my daughter is a monster right now, but just know she is my monster and I love her.” As I got to know the “monster” the more I saw the young lady, I knew the monster and what it was capable of. I lived the monster. I at one point was the monster.

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Attitudes Toward Thinness and Emaciation


The intense fear of gaining weight and of losing that “perfect” body composition often leads anorexics to eat far too little and/or exercise too much – all in the hopes of maintaining an ultra-thin (often quite unhealthy) frame. A study was conducted that analyzed how anorexics define beauty and perceive body types.

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SpanX: Looking at the Side Effects of Shapewear


“Restrictive clothing can also provoke erosive esophagitis.” Need I say more? Still convinced Spanx are the best? “Increasing intra-abdominal pressure can certainly provoke episodes of incontinence,” said Dr. Kuemmerle. Funny I didn’t find that in the small print? If my options are: risk a tummy role, or provoke an episode of incontinence, then I am gonna choose tummy role…just saying.

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