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biggest loser

Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser finale was a few weeks ago and there is quite a lot to say about it. The show has already been under fire about making weight loss a competitive sport, and ignoring medically safe weight loss recommendations. When the newest winner Rachel Frederickson stepped out there was a mix of concern, and [...]

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plus size

Plus Size Disney: Are Plus Size Characters Important to Body Image?

I would definitely say my childhood was impacted by Disney movies. (duh!) I got lost in the talking animals, songs and overall magic – let’s call it the Disney effect. The only time I remember being upset about something Disney is when I cried because the movie was over, and my little heart couldn’t grasp [...]

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Body Image: “Be Beautiful”

Something I stumbled upon was a self-esteem experiment. If you have been following the “Be Beautiful” campaign then you know what I am talking about. A woman took close to nude pictures of her body in both public and private settings, and then posted them online to gain self-esteem or as she said “This was [...]

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Eating Disorders and Body Image | Beauty Disrupted

Would I die to look like a supermodel? No, supermodels don’t even look like supermodels! Supermodels die to look like … omg … yep, you guessed it, other supermodels. With all the anti photo shop campaigns out there, such as Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, raising awareness about striving for an image that doesn’t even [...]

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Eating Disorders and Body Image: Junk in the Trunk

So now apparently men are under fire for wanting, admitting and having butt augmentation surgery. What’s more surprising is that the men getting this procedure are in their 30′s, 40′s and single. So shout out to E Harmony maybe adding “Juicy Double” under likes or common interests could raise that compatibility rating. (Just a thought) [...]

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bounce back

Eating Disorder Articles: Helpful? Or Not Helpful?

There have been 2 main articles that caught my eye recently. One of which was about¬†celebrities sharing their struggles with eating disorders and addictions, and the other was the very public backlash over Kate Middelton’s “post-baby figure” 24 hours after giving birth. For the most part I try and stay away from these articles, but [...]

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perfect face

The “Perfect Face”

http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/photographer-shows-unachievable-beauty-standards-slideshow/-photo-2663392-160600135.html The above link makes this slightly different from my other posts. It’s a short read (complete with pictures). Basically what went down was Natural Beauty vs. Perfection. Natural beauty is intuitive whereas Perfection-based beauty is more of a science, with calculations. Not 1 of those women in the 12 pictures had anything wrong with [...]

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  THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO BOSTON   I was talking to several people the other day in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. None of them had eating disorders but were expressing the horrible feeling they got when they heard the news. How they were just sick to their stomach and just couldn’t [...]

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Eating Disorder Articles: Book Claims that Fashion Models Eat Kleenex to Stay Thin

The fashion industry has a reputation for being cutthroat. Any viewing of America’s Next Top Model shows that the pressures and rejection involved in the fashion industry can cause women to tear up. But according to former Australian Vogue editor Kristie Clements, fashion models are doing more than crying into their tissues, they are eating [...]

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The other day I was in a famous clothing store and fell in love with a fierce snakeskin top I saw in the store window. I went to go find it and, to my remiss, found out I was not the only person with good fashion taste as they were all sold out. With much [...]

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