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New Gene Discovery Could Hold Promise for Early Detection of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses, including eating disorders, often don’t surface until the teenage years and show no warning signs that they are going to develop. Parents are typically caught off guard when their once healthy and happy child starts showing signs of a mental illness. Medical professionals have historically had no way to detect who will develop […]

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Food Disorders Treatment Requires More than Rewiring the Brain

Eating disorders are complex and can have many different causes. It’s not uncommon for an individual to have an eating disorder caused by multiple sociological, psychological and physiological factors. Some new research has a uncovered new potential physiological cause for eating disorders like compulsive overeating, anorexia and bulimia. The study, conducted by the University of […]

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change in drink sizes cause binge eating

Can Food Labels Affect Overeating?

Fast food restaurants often sell foods in different sizes. However, those sizes are rarely standardized. One establishment’s definition of medium might vastly vary from the medium size at a different restaurant. A study from Cornell University entitled “One Man’s Tall is Another Man’s Small: How the Framing of Portion Size Influences Food Choice” shows that […]

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Eating Disorder Articles: Book Claims that Fashion Models Eat Kleenex to Stay Thin

The fashion industry has a reputation for being cutthroat. Any viewing of America’s Next Top Model shows that the pressures and rejection involved in the fashion industry can cause women to tear up. But according to former Australian Vogue editor Kristie Clements, fashion models are doing more than crying into their tissues, they are eating […]

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Beating the Thinspiration Addiction

While certain substances like nicotine and narcotics have physically addictive properties, one can develop a psychological addiction to just about anything. While pro-anorexia sites, that feature thinspiration content, can seem horrific and harming to the uninitiated, these sites can actually provide a sort of comfort to individuals with eating disorders. So much so, that individuals […]

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michelle obama

Eating Disorders Treatment Options: Focusing on Health

During an interview with iVillage’s Kelly Wallace, First Lady Michelle Obama discussed the topic of body image. It’s my hope that her words will serve to inspire fellow parents to adopt her perspective. She spoke candidly that when discussing food with her daughters Sasha and Malia she doesn’t speak in terms of which foods make […]

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Seventeen BMI

Eating Disorder (ED) Blog: Seventeen + BMI = Bad Math

When struggling with an eating disorder, numbers can feel like your enemies. It can seem that everywhere you look numbers are taunting you, judging you and diminishing your self-image. Whether it’s the number of calories in the sandwich you just ate or the number on the scale, the mental arithmetic never seems to add up […]

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Eating Disorder Symptoms: College Stress and Bulimia Nervosa

Going to college can be an exciting time for young women. Time away from their family gives them a chance to forge an identity that is uniquely their own. College can be a time to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. However, the transition from living at home during high school to living more […]

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Pro-Anorexia Blog: Promotes Starvation Contest

While browsing the web, I came across a blog that was having a “friendly weight loss competition.” I won’t reveal the name of the pro-ana blog, but it was created by a pro-anorexia blogger. These bloggers tout the benefits of anorexia, at times presenting it as a way of life rather than an eating disorder. […]

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Eating Disorder Help: Why We Need to Put an End to Bullying

November 19th-23rd was anti-bullying week. To coincide with anti-bullying week, UK-based eating disorder charity Beat conducted a survey that sought to reveal correlation between eating disorders and bullying. 65% of individuals surveyed felt that bullying contributed to their eating disorders. This showed a 41% increase from a similar survey that the charity conducted in 2009. […]

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