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change in drink sizes cause binge eating

Can Food Labels Affect Overeating?

Fast food restaurants often sell foods in different sizes. However, those sizes are rarely standardized. One establishment’s definition of medium might vastly vary from the medium size at a different restaurant. A study from Cornell University entitled “One Man’s Tall is Another Man’s Small: How the Framing of Portion Size Influences Food Choice” shows that [...]

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I was at a friend’s house the other day and she had some leftovers from an event she had thrown. I was talking to her, and without even thinking about it started serving myself some of it, and sat down and started eating. After about five minutes some other people came in and we all [...]

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Eating Disorder Symptoms: College Stress and Bulimia Nervosa

Going to college can be an exciting time for young women. Time away from their family gives them a chance to forge an identity that is uniquely their own. College can be a time to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. However, the transition from living at home during high school to living more [...]

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Valerie Bertinelli’s Eating Obsession: Binge Eating was Harder to Kick than Cocaine

Actress Valerie Bertinelli, who stole America’s heart as Barbara Cooper on the sitcom One Day at a Time (1975-1984), has been candid about how difficult it was for her to begin compulsive overeating recovery. “I used food as a crutch, and I abused food in a way that I shouldn’t.” She revealed on the Dr. [...]

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Are Mobile Apps Turning Gamers into Food Addicts?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that food makers are now using mobile apps to target potential consumers, many of whom are children. Snack companies are giving away free games with names like “Cookie Dough Bites Factory” and “Icee Maker.” The games are easy to operate and built for touch-screen devices like phones and tablets. [...]

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Back to School: Do Colleges Create Food Addicts and Trigger Eating Disorders?

Nearly every student going away to college has heard of the infamous, so-called “Freshman 15.” This term came into existence due to incoming freshman’s tendency to gain weight. What is often not discussed is that anxiety over the freshman 15 can often trigger eating disorders. There’s not one reason why students tend to gain weight [...]

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Binge Eating Gains Recognition, Offers Hope to those Addicted to Food

Here at Rader Programs, we’ve long-recognized binge eating disorder as a legitimate mental health disorder. Since we have treated many individuals who are struggling with this mental disorder, we’ve seen first –hand how serious a condition it can be. However, until now, binge eating disorder was not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of [...]

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Addicted to Food: Is Dr. Oz’s “Fat-urday” Diet Plan Dangerous for Compulsive Overeaters?

Television personality Dr. Oz has suggested that viewers who are trying to lose weight adopt a single day of indulgence in which they eat anything they want. He calls this the “Fat-urday” diet plan. Yet Dr. Oz’s plan does not take into account that for many people food is an addiction, much like cigarettes, alcohol [...]

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I have a lot of weaknesses, shoes, tabloid magazines, the dollar bins at Target, and kettle corn. I can’t seem to get enough of it, and for some reason once I start can’t stop eating it. Thank God for snack bags otherwise I would be in trouble. I am usually a very polite eater but [...]

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Raising Eating Disorder Awareness Starts at Home

While eating disorders get a lot of national attention, especially with the new interest in mental disorders brought on by television shows like Hoarders, What’s Eating You? and My Strange Addiction, on the small scale, treatment and education starts at home, not on television. A group of women in North Carolina have come together and [...]

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